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Welcoming the Holiday Season

Pacific Regent Bellevue absolutely transforms during the holiday season. We have a Christmas tree in the living room that is so tall we have to get a 12 foot ladder to reach the top, one classic gold Christmas tree that is in the front foyer of the building, and one classically-decorated Christmas tree in the Atrium where everyone gathers. We also have Menorahs in the dining room and the garden café, garlands strung with twinkly lights over the doorways, and wreaths around every corner. We even have our own Elf on the Shelf! What takes multiple days and multiple people to pull off ends up looking seamless and magical.

If that doesn’t kick off the holiday season for you, carolers are sure to do the trick! Last night, we welcomed a quartet called Holiday Harmony Carolers. They sang around the Christmas tree in the living room while the residents were enjoying their cocktail hour. After singing many Christmas, Hanukkah, and holiday songs, they made their way into the dining room and went from table to table singing more carols to dining residents and families! Their sound was pure, lovely, and classic. They were a big hit!

Welcome to the holiday season at Pacific Regent!

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