Vote for “Afternoon Tea” – Crash the Super Bowl Doritos Commercial

Hello Friends of Pacific Regent Bellevue!

Some of you are aware that we were approached by a local film Producer to host the filming of an commercial entry that has been submitted to Doritos to be aired during the Super Bowl called “Afternoon Tea”.

The commercial is set in a thriving senior living community and represents the lively side of aging! It has generated a lot of excitement and fun at Pacific Regent. In fact, it inspired a group of our residents to create their own Doritos commercial.

It appears that “Afternoon Tea” is one of the top 5 contenders thus far! Please click here to view the commercial and give “Afternoon Tea” FIVE STARS! You can view and vote as many times as you’d like and we’d appreciate every single one! And of course, passing along the word to your friends would be more than appreciated.

With your help, we’ll see “Afternoon Tea” aired during the Super Bowl, representing the positive, not stereotypical, aging options that drive us at Pacific Regent Bellevue.

Thank you so much for your support!

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