Volunteering at Sophia’s Way

Earlier this month, a small group from our community took a short trip around the corner to the women and children’s shelter, “Sophia’s Way” to donate approximately 30 coffee mugs and tour their facility. We learned that about 20 women who are experiencing homelessness are welcomed to call Sophia’s Way home for six months while they work to get on their feet. The facility not only feeds up to 50 community members with donations twice a day, every day, but the women and children are also given the chance to “go shopping” for any necessities they may need – for free! They are given everything from basic food and snack needs to hygiene products and even interview clothes! Sophia’s Way is a wonderful resource for the community year round, and we at Pacific Regent Bellevue are lucky to have a contact with them. We look forward to many more volunteering opportunities with Sophia’s Way in the near future!

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