San Juan Island Whale Watching

Sometimes we go on local outings… sometimes we venture out a little farther! Sometimes our outings have so many people signing up that we need to start a waitlist, and sometimes it’s not about quantity of residents signed up, but quality of the trip. Last week, three of us woke up very early to catch a ride to Pier 69 in Seattle to catch a clipper to Friday Harbor to go whale watching! After a two and a half hour clipper ride up to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands, we made a 15 minute pit stop to let some other passengers off, and we headed off to search for some Orcas. The captain of the boat had gotten word that other boats had spotted the T-Pod of orcas, so another 30 minutes of gorgeous scenery on the boat, and then we started slowing down because we had gotten close to the family. The day was crisp, warm, not a cloud in the sky, and as fate would have it, the whale family were planted right underneath Mount Baker while they were hunting a harbor seal. The orcas put on quite a show for us, with two full breaches, tail slaps, and they came so close to our boat that the captain had to power down and let the whales do their thing. They ended up swimming under us! After stopping in Friday Harbor for an hour break on our way home, we were all so sleepy that we kept dozing off in our seats… until the captain slowed down quickly, our naturalist got on the intercom, and they told us to get out of our seats because we had an encounter with a Humpback whale!! It was a full, very exciting, very tiring, VERY rewarding day. Check out the photos of our adventure!

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