Resident Stuart Hood at Pacific Regent Makes a Big Difference

Attending the monthly Disaster Response Group Meeting is never a dull hour out of my day said Erin Sattler, Community Life Director. I’ve rattled spoons in a metal bowl to help simulate the sound of an Earthquake, I’ve laid on a table pretending I am a disaster victim, I have been used as a dummy to test out tourniquets, braces, and bandages, and I never fail to walk away from a meeting without learning something new. Stuart Hood, the Safety Committee and Disaster Response Group chair, is the resident who always seems to pull me on “stage” during the meetings. In front of approximately 30 other Disaster Response Group attendees, Stuart leads the residents’ training and discussions with grace, wisdom, and never-ending jokes.

Regarding his appointment of Safety Committee Chairperson shortly after his move to Pacific Regent Bellevue in 2012, he states that “…a lot of the reasoning behind the appointment was based upon my prior engineering background.” After his appointment, with the help of a small group of residents and the former Executive Director, Rick Guthrie, they worked together to correct safety protocols that needed upgrading.

One day, a resident [on the committee] asked if I had ever read the book Full Rip 9.0 by Sandy Doughton. I had not, so I did. With that came a realization that we needed to do something at Pacific Regent to be self-responsible when a major disaster occurs.

Around the same time, Hood accepted an offer by the City of Bellevue to become the Downtown Representative of the Citizens Civic Council. With this new appointment, there was a requirement to take certain certification courses called “Citizens Emergency Response Training” or “C.E.R.T.” courses. Using the information acquired during this training, Stuart created the Disaster Response Group at Pacific Regent, a group of 30+ residents. It has since been recognized as one of the outstanding senior programs in King County.

Although Stuart has recently resigned his position at the Citizens Civic Council, he has taken on yet another appointment. The City of Bellevue’s Liaison to the Retirement and Assisted Living Communities. A total of 25 communities.

Stuart adds, “[My responsibility for] this new appointment is to help incorporate all of the disaster response training that we use at Pacific Regent and tailor that to each individual retirement and assisted living facility in Bellevue.”

Roll-out on this new program is scheduled for September 25th, 2017. Management from surrounding retirement and assisted living communities, including Pacific Regent’s current Executive Director, Bob Wright, will be invited to attend the roll-out at City Hall in Bellevue.

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