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“Method or Madness?” A Politically-Charged Lecture by a Pepperdine Professor

Two of our residents have a son who is a professor at Pepperdine University in California. Every year, we host him for a wonderful political lecture at the community. The only time I have seen more residents at an event was our 31st Anniversary Party back in August…
We could not hold this lecture in the Regency Room, our multi-purpose room that we usually hold speakers and lecturers in. We had to move to the Atrium where there was more room for chairs!

Dr. Chris Soper provided a presentation titled “Method or Madness: A Look at the Trump Presidency”. At the sight of this title, my blood pressure went up a bit! We try very hard to steer clear from potentially harmful or divisive topics such as politics and religion. But knowing that Dr. Soper is a political science professor at a fabulous university, I took a deep breath and knew this would be very good, informative, and very impartial. Boy was I right… No wonder there were over 50 residents in attendance. Dr. Soper gave an impressively unbiased look at the current administration with a concise and bullet-pointed slideshow. When he was through with his presentation and we got our bearings back from being so enraptured, Dr. Soper took questions from the audience for at least 30 minutes.

We try very hard to give the residents a well-rounded calendar with a slew of fun events, unique outings, and information-packed lectures and seminars. Staying abreast of politics and world-happenings is very important, and if we can have a well-spoken, intellectual look at something that can be very controversial, that is a great day in our book!

We look forward to bringing Dr. Soper back next year and I am excited to hear what enthralling topic he comes up with next!

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