Hopelink – End Summer Hunger for Kids

We have a lot of fun at Pacific Regent – I mean a lot of fun. As I speak, our residents are having a Garden Party-themed social in the Living Room, dancing, singing, and wearing lovely summer colors! But not all of what we do is focused on having fun. Many of our residents are very involved in the local community, and a few of them are actively engaging more and more residents to join the causes they support. This July, on a spur-of-the-moment decision, we decided that we would hold a food drive for children. It’s far too frequent that children have to go to bed hungry during the school year. These children can opt for free or reduced breakfast and lunch at their public school, which is a life saver, literally. But what happens during their summer break? Kids who partake in these programs (or not) often go without during these months, during which they are supposed to be playing ball, going to summer camp, and having fun! Our residents at Pacific Regent along with a few other surrounding communities in the immediate area partnered with Hopelink – a non-profit organization working to end poverty in our community. Hopelink has a summer drive being conducted solely for these children who go without during the summer months, aptly-named “End Summer Hunger”, and our residents wanted to lend a hand – or a can if you will. This spectacular community ALONE collected just over 246 pounds of food and $1,500 in cash donations – in just one week. The success of this drive is so jaw-dropping that we are planning to make this an annual event, if not more frequent. We will be hosting a party in celebration for the drive and will have residents and liaisons from the neighboring communities join us for the party! Maybe… just maybe this will put a tiny dent in the battle against summer hunger for kids!

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