Heights, Sights, and Bites at the Glass-Bottomed Space Needle

For years we have heard there would be a large overhaul of the Space Needle upper decks here in Seattle. When the time finally came, the much-anticipated “big reveal” appeared in the news and it was open to the public! The residents here at Pacific Regent were beyond excited to go tour the brand new, $100,000,000 (yes, you read that right) renovation first-hand! But we held back for a bit to see if they would reopen the famous revolving restaurant at the tippy top of the needle. Alas, after many calls and a few trips to the needle, our Community Life Director sadly reported that they were not reopening the restaurant. But that did NOT deter these two lovely ladies! They braved an icky “Seattle Day” to go see the SEE-THROUGH FLOORS! Yes… Bottomless. Floors. More than 50 stories high. The two of them had a wonderful time alongside the Community Life Director for an afternoon of heights, sights, and bites. They grabbed a bite to eat at a little café way at the top, gazed out on the beautiful Puget Sound, and had a delightful time. Take a look at those pictures! It’s a good thing no one was afraid of heights!

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