“An Evening in Paris”: Pacific Regent’s 31st Anniversary Party

Each year in August, the community here at Pacific Regent Bellevue comes together to celebrate the community’s opening back in 1986. The celebration, held on campus, is the largest party of the year and with over 100 residents, is always fun! This year, we decided to go formal. The evening was called “An Evening in Paris” and the attire was black tie optional. There were gowns, full tuxedos, military regalia, and many, many sequined blazers. The entire first floor was decorated to look like a Parisian ballroom and a sweet market street in Paris. We even had a 10″ Eiffel Tower in the garden! As the residents walked into the foyer and just before the Living Room, they were greeted with a big photo booth with plenty of scarves, boas, hats, and mustache props! As they filed into the Living Room, they stopped and got their photograph taken. From there, they would walk through a massive, sparkly entrance that made it feel like they were somewhere in a fancy Parisian club. Some residents went to one of the two bars set up, or explored the decorated rooms while dapper waiters passed around a themed cocktail or yummy hors d’oeuvres. The residents enjoyed a full, plated, themed dinner after a professional Parisian musical group performed in the Living Room. Janet “Elle” Rayor and her group “Rouge Café Music” was an absolute smash hit. Many compliments such as “First class entertainment!” and “The best show we have had all year!” were heard through the crowd as they went to dinner. On their way back to their apartment when the evening was through, soft French music could be heard playing through the whole first floor and as they passed by the front desk, each resident received a small sachet of dried lavender to take home as a party gift. The evening was beautiful, fun was had by all, and I think the photo booth pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy, and cheers to another successful year as a community!

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