Eleven “Silver Singles” Take Over Pacific Regent

You heard that right – the “Silver Singles” have taken over! Stuart Hood, a beloved longtime resident here at Pacific Regent has organized a feisty, handsome group of single men to gather once a month and enjoy dinner, drinks and fellowship! They all meet in Stuart’s apartment before dinner, have some pre-dinner cocktails, and discuss …well, it is a very exclusive club so we don’t really know what is discussed. Actually, we may never know what ruckus they cause up there! Are they preparing a rebellion? Are they primping for their grand entrance? Are they having arm wrestling competitions? We may never know.

This resident-run club is only for widowed/single men in our community. They are very welcoming of any new single men that may move here in the future – the more the merrier, they say! For the men and women who are married here at Pacific Regent, we offer two wonderful opportunities each month for them! We have a monthly Ladies Lunch and a Men’s Lunch where anyone and everyone is welcome! Don’t worry – we do not leave anyone out of the fun here.

March was the, aptly-named, “Silver Singles” second month of congregation and both evenings they arrived to the dining room (fashionably late, I must add), they were met with a rousing round of applause, hoots, hollers, and whoops! They are always dressed to impress, have a big reserved table, and are such a joy to watch! We finally snapped a few pictures of these handsome devils and we just had to share this wonderful group of dashing, sweet men!

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