Disaster Response Group Training Drill

We have mentioned the formation of a Disaster Response Group here at Pacific Regent, but did you know that every few months we have a full earthquake drill? Residents are assigned to certain floors, and after “Drop, Cover, & Hold!,” they go from door to door asking if everyone is okay. When they have searched the apartment for “survivors,” they put an X on the wall outside the searched apartment with the count of residents and their health status. Their measurements of health are based on a Green/Yellow/Red/Black scale. (For example, if two residents are in the apartment and are unharmed, the rescue squad would write “2G” for 2 GREEN.) This is done so rescue personnel can prioritize the suites that need the most help after a natural disaster.

Back at Disaster Control (the front desk), Boris, one of our maintenance associates, listens to the radio for response for headcount and resident status. Every drill irons out a few more kinks and streamlines the process. These guys are getting good! Check it out!

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